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Lynn Padgett


Second Floor


March 1 - March 31
Friday, Saturday, & Sunday 12:00 to 4:30

A Matter of Interpretation

My work ranges from abstract paintings and mixed media collages to finely detailed drawings in
pen and ink. The paintings are almost always open to interpretation and I am intentional about asking
viewers to consider my work through their own experience.

What a painting shows me may not be what you see. Landscapes could be many places. Figures,
when they appear at all, are ambiguous. An abstract is often an experiment with color, texture or
composition, waiting for each viewer to follow a unique pathway into it.

I enjoy exploring the ways that painting and collage evoke experience without the constraint
imposed by the linear arrangement of words. A “story” told by a painting is perceived both all at once
and detail by detail. The rhythms of line and playful arrangement of shapes and color almost always
surprise me with something unintended discovered during the process.