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Tom Seay


Exterior of Building


January 5 - February 25

Homage to our Surroundings

Lanterns have various meaning in cultures around the world. This installation reflects the artist's personal relationship with nature and view of human impact upon the world. These multi-colored lanterns hang in branches to pay homage to our natural world and its creatures. They also represent the artist's appreciation for this specific moment in earth's turbulent existence, where environmental conditions have stabilized enough to allow humankind to exist.  Slender and tall, these beacons radiate inspiration for a more sustainable way of life on our planet, while signaling the challenges that lay ahead for humankind.

The artist focused on utilizing renewable and found materials as much as possible for this installation. The lantern frames are constructed from pine boards. Each side panel is made from found material or textile, which the artist can not exactly verify, but tinted with old watercolor paints. The lanterns are internally lit with solar powered LED lights. The artist's material choices showcase his attempt to create work with minimal impact to the world.