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Past exhibits

R. Thomas Berner Photography Gallery


Danielle Austin


Second Floor


January 6 - January 29
Friday, Saturday, & Sunday 12:00 to 4:30

My inspiration comes from songs, poems, fairy tales, mythology, and various life experiences. I always aim for a fantastical or mystical air in my art: fairy glens, distant realms, a glimpse of paradise, or perhaps the very edges of eternity. I prefer to use the term ‘dreamscapes’ to describe my art because the images portrayed have always provided me with a place of refuge during life’s endless challenges. My paintings always feature some form of contrast, whether that be between light and the darkness, stillness and motion, hope and despair, or decay and rebirth. I believe art at its very core is about communication. As such, I don’t dictate what stories or meanings my paintings convey--I leave that up to the viewer to decide.