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Past exhibits

Paulette Lorraine Berner Community Gallery


Thomas and Hudson Seay


Second Floor


September 30 - October 30
Friday, Saturday, & Sunday 12:00 to 4:30

"Welcome to Hudson"

A collaborative exhibition by Thomas and Hudson Seay

Growing up in rural Pennsylvania lacked the opportunities and resources I find vital and important as an active artist. This body of work explores cultivating and promoting child artists, specifically my son, Hudson, through collaboration. My focus is to give Huddy the experience and opportunity to make and exhibit in a professional setting. Children are seldom taken seriously or showcased in the art world. Not only did I want to give my child this experience, but also to enhance his self confidence as an individual as well as an artist. Each piece has components from both father and son. This is a conversation between artists through drawing, painting, and sculptural elements.