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Past exhibits

Special Exhibition Gallery


Multiple Artist Show


First Floor


June 3 - August 28
Friday, Saturday, & Sunday 12:00 to 4:30

"The Art of Dreaming: Surreal Exhibition"

The Special Exhibitions Gallery will present explanations of dreaming from diverse cultures and times. These abstracts of dream information will be shown amid surreal art works created by select registry artists. In this gallery, visitors will also have the materials and opportunities to create personal Dream Journals and Dream Catchers, as well as add their "Dream for the World" to a community installation.

"Dreaming Surreal"

Surrealism is a movement in art and literature characterized by dream-like visuals, the use of symbolism, and collage images. In the late 1920's and 30"s surrealism gained popularity as an avant-garde movement. In art, it means that the elements in a composition are combined in a way that you would not normally expect, even strange like some dreams. Whereas Surrealism was quiet for a few decades, the movement has resurfaced with artists, especially younger painters who are creating their own fantastic worlds that defy the logic of what we expect to see. These new creations may include or be influenced by mythology, spirituality and alchemy or simply a very personal and unexpected way to illustrate a thought or image.