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R. Thomas Berner Photography Gallery - Denise Demong


Denise Demong


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April 25 - May 29
Friday, Saturday, & Sunday 12:00 to 4:30

Bellefonte Kids, 1970

“Bellefonte Kids, 1970” is a group of children’s portraits created more than 50 years ago by a photographer who was then not a great deal older than her subjects.
Denise Demong first visited Bellefonte in 1967 when, as a Penn State freshman, she joined the ranks of young people who decided to “Get Clean for Gene” and campaign door-to-door for anti-Vietnam War candidate Eugene McCarthy. During those visits she was stunned by the economic gap between affluent State College and Bellefonte, just 11 miles away.
Three years later, having gained access to Penn State’s darkroom, Denise returned and made these portraits. At the time, she printed only three. But she always carried a clear memory of the frames she had captured, and in 2018, when she began scanning and printing her old negatives, she knew which she wanted to print first: her Bellefonte pictures.