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Lanie’s World
A Sense of Place and the Conversation Inherent
One’s place.  It is, by any criteria, flexible and malleable and ultimately constructed by us, for us and in its own way, with us.  More importantly, it defines how we perceive all other places, and initiates our ability to engage places not entirely our own.  
Lanie is my five-year-old grandniece. I realized talking to her that Lanie’s world and mine were sometimes similar, but never identical. You can tell this when trying to describe things to each other that we both see. We’re buds.  We negotiate our joined experience without words, and descriptions of things may come and go, and language can be agreed on. Colors are the same as long as they are close, but no two people see exactly the same thing. The sum total is that Lanie’s and my world are not and will never be exactly the same, but they can be shared, and we do.  She is her own universe, like us all.
My art for the biggest part is built around my core belief that there is always more than you can perceive.  That art can act as a bridge between the seen and unseen, and I am happy to crossover. Openings to the unknown are all accessible through stories. Lanie has stories. I have stories too. The garden and all its denizens are a big part of this particular story.  Some of our stories are here.