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Peter Frantz


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August 30 - October 31

Peace Should Not Be This Fragile: A Portrait of Panzi

Panzi Foundation USA uses the arts to inform and engage communities about the extreme sexual violence in DR Congo, and to inspire people to action. Visual artist and writer Peter Frantz has created an evolving arts exhibit that brings to life the culture, humanity, and hope of the Congolese people.

The exhibit has been seen by many hundreds of people since the first exhibit in Marseille, France, in 2009, and the most compelling art might be said to be the work of local students, of all ages, who contribute to the exhibit.

Mr. Frantz, a professional artist and the Executive Director and cofounder of Panzi Foundation USA, works as an artist-in-residence at a selected school/s in the area of the exhibition. Images of both professional artists and student-artists can be found at : http://fragilepeace.org/exhibitsandevents/