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Homage to Hubble: Celebrating Over 30 Years of Astronomical Observations


First Floor


August 30 - October 31
Friday, Saturday, & Sunday 12-4:30

The museum will share a collection of photographs taken by the Hubble Telescope celebrating the over 30 years of spectacular celestial views shared by this instrument as it travels in space. The Hubble is called the "Godfather of all orbiting observatories" for its important contributions and for the length of time it's operated. Launched in 1990, the Hubble has given us stunning images from across the universe for twice as long as expected.

The images include shimmering star clusters, bright flashes of light, clouds of space dust nebulae, and galaxies of millions or billions of stars - all very far away. It's challenging to believe or even grasp that this instrument has been exploring the universe for over 30 years.

The exhibition will include information about the Hubble and its travels as well as what happened as the telescope started aging in space. Late this year a new telescope with advanced technology will be launched to explore and share images of the universe.

Guest Curator: Dante Raso, Penn State Student, studying Astronomy, Astrophysics and Art