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Marica Tacconi


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April 26 - May 30
Friday, Saturday, & Sunday 12-4:30

“Lend Your Ears to Music, Open Your Eyes to Painting.”

“Lend your ears to music, open your eyes to painting, and … stop thinking!” This quote, by Wassily Kandinsky, captures Marica Tacconi’s approach as an abstract expressionist artist. She paints while listening to music, mostly classical, but also jazz and music from non-Western cultures. Her paintings have been described as “having rhythm” and as incorporating harmony of form and color. Indeed, much of her inspiration comes from sound and from the connections between the aural and the visual. Exploring color, texture, and movement, she is drawn to non-representational, free-flowing art that develops and “takes shape” as she engages in the process. Her approach is intuitive, unstructured, and rhapsodic—almost like “stream-of-consciousness” on canvas. 


Marica Tacconi was born and raised in central Italy, in the region of Umbria, and grew up in a bilingual family—her mother is American, originally from California, and her father is a native of Umbria. At the age of 7 she began piano lessons and eventually music became the focus of her professional life. She graduated from the Interlochen Arts Academy (Michigan) with a double-major in piano performance and music composition. At Williams College (B.A.) her interests shifted to the more academic side of music, which led to a Ph.D. in music history from Yale University.

A State College resident and at Penn State since 1998, she’s Professor of Musicology and Art History. Her scholarly interests center on Italian music of the Renaissance and early Baroque periods, especially the music of Florence and Venice. She continues to play the piano, and enjoys composing music and improvising at the keyboard.

Also a photographer, her photos and paintings have been awarded prizes sponsored by local organizations.

Virtual Slideshow:  https://www.facebook.com/bellefonteartmuseum/videos/420588285816261/