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Past exhibits

Photography Gallery


Roxanne Naydan


Second Floor


January 31 - February 28
Friday, Saturday, & Sunday 12-4:30

2020, the year of the pandemic, has been a sad and challenging time for everyone. We miss
our loved ones and worry about their well-being every day. But it has also provided me the
freedom to express kindness toward myself and others. It has been the source of much
introspection, which I appreciate the opportunity to share through my art and my writing about
The act of painting has always reminded me of meditation and this association has intensified in
the time of COVID-19. Both disciplines demand we set aside time to tend to the activity.
Painting, like meditation, requires our attention but also asks that we pursue our endeavor with
a gentle and light spirit, with a carefree sense of curiosity, with a dedication to being present
and without the burden of expectations or outcomes. It is only when we are truly present and
free from the prospect of reaping rewards that opportunities for creativity arise.
Nearly all the paintings in my show have been completed during the past 12 months. Some
were done while taking online workshops where I felt the support and friendship of my
mentors and fellow artists. The relationships I formed there are another silver lining to this
trying time.
My still life and landscape paintings reflect the mediums that most interest me: oil, watercolor
and pastel. They reveal my interest in light, color and the beauty of the world around us, both
seen and felt. I’m truly grateful to the museum for giving me the chance to share my work with
you and I hope that my images offer you a small measure of respite in these difficult times.

Virtual Slideshow:  https://www.facebook.com/bellefonteartmuseum/videos/3650384821748520/