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Gloria Scaltz


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December 27 - February 27

Assemblages, Boxed Lyrics, and Collages

by Gloria Plosky Scaltz

Ideas for a collage or assemblage can come from anywhere and at anytime. This group is based on song lyrics.

It all began by hunting through my collection of interesting objects. The red horse, of course, became Henry. Since he was so large, working larger than ever before was necessary. My pieces are usually 12"x12", but with this series I felt that 30"x30" or 30"x24" was a more appropriate proportion.

A covered box in attached to the substrate concealing a twist to a piece. My work always tells a story, sometimes many stories wrapped around a central concept.

I hope you enjoy "reading" your version of each story.

Virtual Slideshow:  https://www.facebook.com/bellefonteartmuseum/videos/3566666380053200/