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Gary Schubert


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February 28 - March 27
Friday, Saturday, & Sunday 12:00-4:30 p.m.

France in SuperBlue: An Exhibition of Infrared and SuperBlue Photography

“During WVU Spring Break 2019 I was fortunate to have travelled to France with Professors Michael Sherwin and Rhonda Reymond and their Photography and Art History classes. I wanted to interpret France in a different way – not as the usual post card pretty traveler snapshots. My approach was to use a digital camera converted to SuperBlue. In the SuperBlue camera the sensor has a specially installed filter that allows only Blue, Infrared, and Ultraviolet light to pass. Blue is of course a frequency of light we can see. However Infrared and Ultraviolet, invisible to our eyes, are nevertheless recorded by the digital camera’s sensor. These SuperBlue light frequencies are interpreted as red green blue colors with very interesting if not completely arbitrary results. I often shoot recording .jpg monochrome and .raw of every image. When I view these types of images I enjoy the transition from monochrome to color and decided to make this slideshow presentation using the approach of grey transition to the false color as recorded by the sensor. Hence this show. For the show I printed the images as diptychs so that the images could be examined and the difference between monochrome and color SuperBlue images could be appreciated. The signature of infrared photography is clear but other visual effects are more subtle. I hope you find the show interesting and educational.” Gary Schubert

Virtual Slideshow: