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Jack Mernin


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December 27 - January 30
Friday, Saturday, & Sunday 12:00-4:30 p.m.

the nonsense of the square. the ridiculousness of the stare.

An exhibition of paintings by Jack Mernin. The title is taken from a fragment of text written by New York based poet Peter BD, originally written as a response to viewing Mernin's work.

Mernin's paintings are motivated by chance encounters and unexpected collisions. He applies paint in such a way that the outcome remains unpredictable until a feeling of coalescence and fusion occurs, during a realized moment in the event of a painting where nothing more can be added or removed. Each plane responds to a previous work in a perpetual chain that enhances or rescinds a prior assertion. This creates a tense, indecisive field where viewers engage on their own terms, selecting personal attractions an affinities.

Mernin has chosen to present this show as a representation of two scales which are key to his practice. The bodily-sized paintings are created alone in his studio, in an abstract, experimental fashion which expresses itself like a piece of fiction. The watercolors on paper perform like a diary, as traces of an actual, seen setting solidify in an intimate moment with a clear here and now. Both methods - equally nonsensical, equally ridiculous - paradoxically harden as urgent, vital gestures during a time when domineering and fraught oppositions seem to prevail.

Jack Mernin (b. 1991) is a painter who currently divides his time between NYC and Belleville, Pennsylvania. He holds a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design and is represented by Trotter & Sholer.

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