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Photography Gallery


Art Heim


Second Floor


November 29 - December 26
Friday, Saturday, & Sunday 12:00-4:30 p.m.

To chase, capture and share the light

Photographs by Art Heim

I am truly honored to be the guest artist in the Photography Gallery at the Bellefonte Art Museum this month. The collection exhibited here is a representative of my work and a reflection of my interest in capturing images in central Pennsylvania and across the globe.

A later in life, post retirement, commitment to serve in the US Peace Corps provided the catalyst and the location to capture through photography the beauty of the African people and the wilderness of the environment. Photography provided the artistic and communication medium to share this experience with others. Since my return from Africa (2010) I have traveled the world capturing images of the natural, human and built environment. My primary artistic interest lies in the graphic interpretation of the beauty and uniqueness of the natural environment through landscape, wildlife and cultural imagery and a deep desire to share the work for the enjoyment of others. My photography work has taken me on site to remote field locations in Africa, Nepal, SE Asia, Europe, Central America, across Pennsylvania and the North American continent.

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