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Joe Beddall


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August 29 - October 24
Friday, Saturday, & Sunday 12:00-4:30 p.m.

Screenworks - Exploring the Grid

"Screenworks - Exploring the Grid" is a survey of the many options Joe Beddall has pursued by working on screen for more than 40 years. Rather than painting on canvas, Beddall's work on screen provides a variety of possibilities impossible to accomplish on a flat, opaque surface. The grids of screen doors, trampolines, nautical and pet screens present semi-transparent surfaces for a unique approach to painting. Rich textural qualities are produced by pushing paint through the mesh. The interplay of color and cast shadows between the screen and wall create a more three dimensional experience for the viewer. Other works in the show combine multiple layers of screen resulting in sensory overload that creates optical illusions of moire and dot/matrix patterns. The alternate conceal and reveal of the screen's warp and weft contribute to a sense of movement in some of the pieces.

"Whether the subject matter is representational or abstract, the screen and its grid provide a different process in the pursuit of making art, inviting the viewer to engage in a dynamic rather than static visual experience."

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