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September 29 - November 23
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Dia de Muertos: A Celebration of Mexico's Day of the Dead

Celebrating the Day of the Dead is a time-honored tradition in Mexico.  Rather than an occasion to mourn those who have died, Mexicans see Dia de Muertos as a time to remember and celebrate.  In fact, installation artist Stacie Bird says, “the holiday is evidence that the Mexican people approach death differently than we do in the United States”.  “They view it as inevitable, nothing to be afraid of and use it as a way to pass family stories on to younger generations.”  Families often create altars, or offrendas, to honor their deceased loved ones.  Photographs, decorative objects, favorite foods and drinks and personal objects from their family members are then placed on the altar to ensure their memory will live on.  According to Bird, “No one really dies as long as they're commemorated”.  Stacie has been building an altar for several years and finds it a comforting way to remember and honor family and friends that have passed on.  Her installation in the 24/7 Display Window includes several altars, one is in honor of an artist friend and BAM member, Harriet M. Rosenberg.  You can view this installation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from outside our building, from now to November 17th.