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Sending Hope Everywhere!


Safe Curbside Pickup


July 20 - September 27


All Community Members

In Japanese tradition, Cranes symbolize hope and longevity. During our 2019 Imagination Celebration Summer Program, visitors folded 1,000 Origami Cranes, which are currently on display in our 24/7 Display Window. We now want these symbols of hope for good health and good fortune to be shared with others, and we need your help doing that. Join us in sending these 1,000 "Cranes of Hope" to friends and family. You may choose to write a message on your crane, draw a picture, or attach it to a photograph or letter. No matter how you send it, notify us with the town/city, state, or country to which you are sending your Crane and let the hope fly! We will keep track of the places on a destination map to share later in the year. Help us send love around the world with these symbols of hope.

Cranes are available for pickup starting Monday, July 27th. Email us at bellefontemuseum@gmail.com to request the desired number of Cranes, and we will contact you with safe curbside pickup instructions.

Please know that you did not need to create Cranes to obtain some to send.