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June 29 - July 17


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We are planning on mixing-up our body parts! This game gained popularity in the 1920's by both Surreal artists and the public. They called it, "Exquisite Corpse". Create a head, a torso, or a legs/feet section of a human or non-human, email your creation to us, and we will then arrange random sections together to create a unique figure to share online.

Featured Artist - Andre Breton
Andre Breton started medical school before the first world war. His pursuit of medical studies stemmed from his interest in mental health, mental illness, dreams and imagination. He left medical school but continued pursuing studies related to human thought processes and introduced the notion of intuitive art. He summarized his thinking in his writing called "Surrealist Manifesto" giving form to a Surrealistic Art movement. Breton was an original member of the Dada group expanding their concepts to focus on expressing thoughts and dreams in art and in the written word. The very term Surrealism evolved from a resolution of dream and reality. Breton is considered the founder of Surrealism. He traveled to many countries, admired the art works and collected cultural artifacts. Searching for evidence of creativity, he suggested that Mexico might be the most Surreal place on earth.