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Surreal Photography


Stay at Home


June 15 - July 3


All Community Members

No art materials needed. Search your home and yard for objects. Then arrange your found objects to create a surreal still-life and photograph it. Let your creativity loose and you'll see uncanny and compelling compositions - realism is not necessary here!

Featured Artist - Dora Maar

Henrietta Theodora Markovich (November 22, 1907 - July 16, 1997), French photographer and painter in the Surreal style renamed herself Dora Maar and is best known for her photography. She started working in fashion and advertising photography where influences from the Surreal movement can be seen in the use of mirrors and shadows. She became friends with Andre Breton and met Henri Cartier-Bresson in workshops. She traveled extensively documenting her observations in photography. After meeting Pablo Picasso, she became his muse; they maintained an intimate relationship for nine years. Maar was featured as a tortured, anguished woman in many of Picasso paintings, the most known of these portraits is "The Weeping Woman".