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Classy Stachey


Stay at Home


June 1 - June 19


All Community Members

I mustache you a question? 

Do you have a classy stachey? Can you create one?

Let's have fun with this activity by creating a unique mustache. This can be the real deal, or a created mustache from paper, pipe cleaner or other found objects.

During this activity, we will focus on the surreal artist Salvador Dali. With melting watches, fantastical figures and contorted landscapes, Salvador Dali popularized Surrealism. The time was the 1920's and 30's and Dali seemed to epitomize the movement with his unusual art works as well as his personal eccentric appearance. In addition to paintings, Dali worked in sculpture, printmaking, fashion, writing and film-making. Dali aimed to create a visual representation of his dreams and focused on the unconscious as a means to imagination. He made collaborations with many artists including Alfred Hitchcock and Walt Disney. For a while, Dali actually had a studio in the Disney space and worked with Disney to create the movie, Destino. Dali saw surrealism in Disney's cartoons.

Explaining himself, Dali once declared, "I am not strange, I am just not normal!"

Click the link for a quick video about Salvador Dali and his work: