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Take Art to Heart Fundraising Campaign




November 17 - December 31



The Bellefonte Art Museum has created a vibrant community for the arts. With three floors, seven galleries, a gift shop, two gardens, and a family creativity centre, the museum serves families, artists, and patrons, all while making a positive social and economic impact on Happy Valley. We celebrate the human spirit through the arts and recognize the importance of art in our lives.
            Museums are a staple of most cities and communities. They bring education, cultural immersion, and unity. Over the past year, the Bellefonte Art Museum has worked to advance diversity, equity, inclusion, and/or access. We do this by providing a quality exhibition schedule of local art and cultural shows, and by providing free museum access to our exhibitions and activities. This is in support of one of the museum’s major missions – “making the arts accessible to all.”
            We see the positive impact the museum has in our community by the increase in membership, visitation, and scheduled tours. We are excited by this progress and confident that this will continue to increase as we develop new and engaging exhibitions and programs. Travel writer Melanie Yolen-Cohen from Getaway Mavens said it best when she stated in her June 9, 2023, article that “For a small-town, the Bellefonte Art Museum packs a huge punch – in creativity, innovation, and accessibility.”
            As we move forward in our planning, we are faced with many obstacles, one being funding. As you may know, we receive zero funding from state or local municipalities and generate all our funding through memberships, donations, and grants. Now, as 2024 quickly approaches, we invite you to join us in this mission to bring art and culture to our community by giving during our Art to Heart Fundraising Campaign. 
Help us continue to attract and educate visitors from nearby and across the nation over the next year!

Click here to donate: https://www.bellefontemuseum.org/pages/donate