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2011 Exhibition Schedule



Speak Peace" - an exhibition in which American voices respond in poetry to Vietnamese children's paintings on the themes of war and peace.

January 8 - February 27 

This international exchange between image and word  evolved out of a peace education

project.  "SPEAK PEACE"  opened early this year in Washington, DC and will continue on a

national tour.  The exhibit includes 34 works of art done by Vietnamese children ages 4-14

paired with poems by American children, veterans, some adults and even school classrooms.

The art and poetry works were over a ten-year period as a collaboration between Wick Poetry

Center, Kent State University Soldiers Heart organization and the War Remnants Museum in


            The exhibition showcases the visions of Vietnamese children and the power of poetry

to promote healing and reconciliation. The intent of this word and image collaboration is to

promote cross-cultural understanding and involve the community in the healing process.

            A collection of photographs of Vietnamese children and places by local artist, Sharon

McCarthy, will also be on exhibit.   




2011 Exhibition Schedule


September - November 2011

IntersectionsWilderness and Culture in East Africa” -vivid photographs of nature positioned with cultural objects made for use and adornment with a narrative of the intersections of wilderness and cultural issues. With Carmel photographer, Cindy Ewing and curator, Patricia House.

(Click here for more)



"A Year on the Land"

July - August 2011



"The Artful Dog"

April - June 2011




2010 Exhibition Schedule



April - July 2010


 Society Silk Embroidery, 1876 - 1914  

Curator and collector - Shelley Kempner  

The exhibition consists of Victorian needlework done by American women for home decoration, pleasure and profit, and some related materials, instruction manuals and periodicals of the time. The American silk industry and the needlework created by American women contributed to changes in culture, labor and to the economy of Pennsylvania.  


 Landscape: Pennsylvania

Jennifer Shuey, artist




August - September- October – November, 2010


The Evolving Image - Photographs and Digital Painting

Photography art by Norris Lacy  


    Butterfly and Orchids



The collection of work by Norris Lacy speaks to the power of photography as an art form and its evolution with  technological invention. The images are beautiful, haunting, exciting and impressionistic.


Click here for the biography and statement and more images from Norris Lacy


Where Art is Joy- art from Haiti

Curator – Patricia House



December, 2010


Holiday Show and Sale  

Featured Artists:


Jim Cartey            Judith Finkelstein

Holly Fritchman           Susan Nicholas-Gephardt

Sharon McCarthy        Diane Maurer-Mathison

Roxanne Nayden                 Ellen Reddy            

Jennifer Shuey                  Steve Strouse

Mary Vollero                    Norris Lacy



2009 Exhibition Schedule

  March 8th through May 31, 2009  

  • Recycle, Renew: Making Art while Saving the Planet

The show included works of art created by local artists made from recycled materials and provided information about the importance of recycling. Partnering with Centre County Solid Waste Authority, the exhibition explained why we recycle, what can be reused, and how solid waste is reused. We can all do our share to protect Mother Earth.


  • Special artists gallery- Jeanne McKinney

     Works by local artist Mc Kinney were featured in the Tea Room.


     Click here for more about Recycle, Renew and some art works from the show

     Click here for the Earth Day activities on April 18-10, 2009



  June 28th through September, 2009

  • Outside In: Centre County Artists Interpret the Outdoors

Four local artists captured the outside world in a variety of styles and using different media. Artwork included painting, photography, woodcarving, paper cutting and collage. The unifying element of the exhibition was the artists’ focus on the outside world.


Click here for more about Outside In with images from the show

  • Special artists gallery- Gary Catchen

          Images of Centre County: Architectural Photography of Bellefonte and Environs



September 27 through December 20, 2009  


  • A World of Stitches: Appliqué Art from Benin, Panama, and Pennsylvania
    Appliqué, which is a French term, is a type of decorative needlework that involves cutting pieces of one fabric and sewing or otherwise applying them to the surface of another fabric. The edges of the patches are sewn in some form of stitchery. The BMCC exhibition of appliqué will include and compare work from Pennsylvania, Panama and Benin-Africa.

  • Special artists gallery: Judith Finkelstein, Creating Felt Art


            Click here for more about A World of Stitches and some works from the show



2008 Exhibition Schedule


                        Bellefonte History Hall


April 25th through July 13th, 2008


            July 18th through November 1st, 2008

Click here to view images from the Fly Fishing exhibit


                        November 8th through December 31st, 2008

            Click here to read more about the 2008 Christmas exhibition and events

                        Child’s Victorian Tea Party

                        Coinciding with Victorian Christmas,  December 13-14th, 2008


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